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Custom Cabinets You Deserve for Every Room in the House

There's no place like home. When you feel like your space reflects your personality and needs, it can be easy to fall in love with domesticity and the gentleness that comes from enjoying the everyday. But when you have dishes lining your countertops or the bottles of lotion and extra toothpaste on the sink in the bathroom because you don't have enough cabinet space to store them, your space can feel anything but peaceful.

Adding beautiful and functional cabinetry can help create that relaxed, wonderful feeling you desperately want. If you're looking for bathroom, office, or custom kitchen cabinets in Lancaster, PA, you've come to the right place!

Cabinetry can change the look of a room for the better, especially when you choose from any of the attractive options we offer here at Red Rose Cabinetry. We understand the value of high-quality custom cabinets for any room in your home. Not only are those cabinets functional for organizing your day-to-day life, but they also help tie your home together. Our specialty is matching function with aesthetics and solid wood cabinets, so let us help you design the storage solutions you've dreamed of for years!

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The Custom Cabinets We Offer

You deserve a home you love the look of, a statement that doesn't just apply to the décor. The permanent fixtures, like cabinets, matter too! Custom cabinetry is the perfect option for those who want their cabinetry to reflect their style and fit into their kitchen precisely.

Whether you're looking for the unique styling and virtually unlimited design possibilities available with custom cabinetry or prefer the simple elegance and budget-friendly features of semi-custom or stock cabinets, Red Rose Cabinetry has a solution for you. Get familiar with some of the latest kitchen cabinet trends.

And when you're ready to see what we can do for you, please schedule a visit to our showroom in Lititz, PA, to explore the possibilities for your home.

Spacious kitchen with modern appliances and wood cabinets

Kitchen Cabinetry

The heart and soul of the kitchen, your kitchen cabinets need to work as hard as you do. When you need more space for your favorite exotic spices or designated shelving for your mug collection from around the globe, kitchen cabinetry built with what you want to use it for in mind can significantly improve how you use the kitchen day in and day out. We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinetry options to fit any budget, from stock styles and semi-custom to our own line of handcrafted custom cabinets. Visit our showroom to explore the possibilities and ask about our color and finish options!

Modern bathroom cabinetry

Bathroom Cabinetry

Maybe you've got one of those metal over-the-toilet racks up in your bathroom, but you want to update the room's look with something classier—bathroom cabinetry. These cabinets should complement the look of your bathroom but also have functionality that matches your needs. Keeping everything organized and close at hand in your base cabinets or wall cabinets can make navigating your bathroom easier, especially for visitors or guests. Visit our showroom to explore a wide array of bathroom cabinets for every budget, including stock styles, semi-custom, and custom styles.

Home office cabinets

Office & Other Cabinetry

Looking for attractive cabinets to organize your office after one gust of wind through an open window has left your stack of loose notes that were previously on the desk, scattered throughout the house? Need a fun and functional entertainment center for your electronic gear in the kids' gaming room? Storage space is often a concern after you've lived and worked in a space long enough. Things just start to pile up! Cabinets can be the answer to your storage woes. We'll help you create the perfect storage options to utilize the space in your home office, family room, den, "man cave," or library.

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Red Rose Cabinetry showroom Red Rose Cabinetry showroom
Red Rose Cabinetry showroom Red Rose Cabinetry showroom

Cabinetry Styles for Every Budget

When you hear "home renovations, a dream kitchen, or sleek bathroom design," you likely image big dollar signs floating above your head and feel a sense of nervousness coupled with that excitement of creating the space you love. However, there's no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to your home's cabinetry. We have options that will fit your budget in an assortment of colors and finishes, so you will surely find something you truly love for the room you hope to update.

As homeowners ourselves, we get how price can significantly impact whether you make upgrades to your home. Whether you dream of beautiful cabinetry in your remodeled bathroom or you're hoping for custom kitchen wall cabinets in your new Lancaster, PA, home, there are budget-friendly options you can consider when you work with us.

Assembled kitchen cabinets might be less cost-effective for some, so we offer a wide range of customization here at Red Rose Cabinetry. From fully custom to semi-custom, we can meet your budget and dreams with our cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is your best option if you are hoping for a fully customized look, from the larger details like the wood type to the smaller aspects like what handles you would like on your cabinet doors.

Red Rose Cabinetry is our handcrafted line of custom cabinetry manufactured right here at our facility in Lititz, PA. Each piece is custom-made to the dimensions you need and handcrafted with your choice of solid wood and cabinet style.

By starting with only the best quality woods and utilizing our fully trained and certified staff, Red Rose Cabinetry continues to earn a reputation for high standards and the finest quality kitchen cabinets.

We offer various door styles and drawer fronts in many finishes, colors, and decorative glazes. In fact, our selection is among the largest in the industry.

Visit our showroom to see the quality of our fully assembled custom cabinets for yourself.

Modern bathroom with dark cabinetry
country style entertainment center

Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Maybe you're not as particular as to want entirely custom cabinets, but you still want the option to choose some of the features of your cabinetry. Or perhaps you have a smaller budget to work with, but you are hoping for more customization than you would get from stock cabinetry. In that case, semi-custom might be the option that works best for you!

Our line of semi-custom cabinets combines many of the rich, beautiful options from our custom line with the convenience and standard sizing of stock kitchen cabinets to create a budget-friendly solution that makes a great impression.

Be sure to ask our design staff about incorporating semi-custom cabinets into your kitchen or bath to give you the flexibility you want within your budget.


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Stock Cabinetry

Stock cabinetry is an excellent option if you are looking for elegant options that fit a tight budget. While they offer far less customization than custom or semi-custom cabinets, stock cabinets are perfect for anyone looking to update their space with new or more storage solutions.

Because these cabinets come in standard sizes, you can expect they will be ready to install in your home much faster than any cabinets with customization options. This speed makes them the perfect choice for you if you want your project to have a shorter time frame.

Stock doesn't mean unattractive or just one style; there are many gorgeous options for stock cabinetry that will look just as beautiful in your home as fully customized cabinetry. At Red Rose Cabinetry, we offer four lines of beautiful and affordable stock cabinetry that could work perfectly for your needs.


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Bright modern bathroom cabinets

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When you know you want to upgrade your home's look but aren't sure where to start with your stock or custom kitchen cabinets, visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA. Browse some of our cabinetry displays and speak with one of our experienced designers to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life. We can help you with every detail, down to the colors of the door handles and finishes of the wood. When you're ready, schedule your free design session with us now, and we can get started on your dream cabinetry for your home!

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Cabinet Care & Cleaning

Protect the investment you've made in your Red Rose quality cabinetry and countertops with our recommended care and cleaning guidelines. There is a cleaning guide available for each of our products below. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We're always happy to help.